Invitation to ISAM2012, OSAKA, 13-17 March 2012

  ISAM (International Symposium in Agricultural Meteorology) has been held in adjunct to the annual meeting of the Society of Agricultural Meteorology of Japan (SAMJ) since 2008. ISAM2012 is the fifth, but the first ISAM to have the sessions that are co-organized with the Korean Society of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (KSAFM). This transformation is to cope with the rapidly expanding scope of agricultural meteorology beyond national boundaries. In ISAM2012 we hope to move forward to collaborations among the Asian and global societies for agricultural meteorology.

  The main topics of ISAM2012 are listed below, but presentations on other topics would also find their audiences at the meeting. ISAM2012 will provide unique opportunities to meet colleagues who are working on meteorology in agriculture, forestry and other land ecosystems mostly in, but not limited to, East Asia. We hope the participants to share up-to-date results and novel ideas, and to meet their future collaborators at ISAM2012. Let's get together in OSAKA in March 2012!

Excellent Poster Award

For being research quality and presentation quality, we are pleased to present the Excellent Poster Award to following presentations:

PI-09@Effects of ozone on stomatal response for Fagus crenata grown under free air ozone exposure
Yasutomo HOSHIKA, Naoki INADA, Makoto WATANABE and Takayoshi KOIKE

PI-11@Time lag between photosynthesis and respiration in Quercus serrata tree using 13C pulse labeling

PI-19@Visualization and quantification of water flow in plant stem with thermal image analysis
Takuya KOYAMA, Takafumi TANAKA, Mika YOSHINAGA, Keiichiro MAEDA, and Akira YAMAUCHI

‘‘‘ Date and Venue@‘‘‘

Date: 13-17 March 2012
Venue: Osaka Prefecture University (OPU)
   Nakamozu Campus B3
   (1-1 Gakuen-cho, Nakaku, Sakai, Osaka 599-8531, Japan)

ŸLocation and Map of OPU@
   Location: about OPU/ Campus Guide/ Nakamozu Campus (Zoom)
   Access: about OPU/ Campus Guide/ Access map

   Maps from the Nakamozu Station.

‘‘‘ Topics of Oral and Poster sessions@‘‘‘

1: Using Climatic and Satellite data in Agriculture and Forestry
2: Carbon Cycle in Terrestrial Ecosystems
3: Urban and Rural Climate
4: Environmental Pollution
5: Environmental Control and Monitoring in Plant Production
6: Monitoring and Modeling in Crop Production and Nutrient Dynamics
7: Data processes in Agriculture
8: Meteorological disasters in Agriculture
9: Micrometeorology

‘‘‘ Topics of WMO-ISAM Joint Symposium@‘‘‘

Main theme
Climate Services for Agriculture :Best Practices and Future Strategies

1: Future Strategies for Climate Services in Agriculture : GFCS and Collaborative Implementation
2: Best Practices of Climate Information Applications in Agriculture : National and Regional Cases
3: Climate Extremes and Impacts, and Preparedness Strategies in Agriculture: Current Status at Regional Level (TOB)

‘‘‘ Schedule and Programs@‘‘‘


Program of ISAM2012

Program of WMO-ISAM Joint Symposium

‘‘‘ Fees (JPY: Japanese Yen)@‘‘‘

Registration Fees (JPY: Japanese Yen)
Registration to ISAM2012 (Regular) Early Bird Registration Fee
Discounted until January 31
Registration member of SAMJ or KSAFM*1 8000 6000
Student Member 5000 3000
Non-Member Member 10000 8000
Non-Member student 6000 4000

Banquet Fees (JPY)
Banquet Fees Early Bird Registration Fee
Discounted until January 31
Registration member of SAMJ or KSAFM*1 6000 5000
Student Member 3000 3000
Non-Member Member 7000 6000
Non-Member student 3000 3000

1)Participants from outside Japan are applied as Regular-member fee when the registration is done by 31 January 2012.

2)We ask participants outside Japan to pay all the fees, including registration and banquet fees, at the registration counter when participants will come to the ISAM2012. We only accept the Japanese Yen (JPY) for the payment.

The registration entitles the ISAM2012 participants to join the SAMJ annual meeting, where most presentations shall be made in Japanese but some are in English and slides are of interest.

‘‘‘ Important Dates@‘‘‘

Registration to presentations due on 19 December 2011 (JST)
Submission of abstracts due on 31 January 2012 (JST)
Payment for the early registration a due on 31 January 2012 (JST)

a. The payment is accepted only in Japanese Yen. Participants residing outside Japan may make the payment at the registration desk of ISAM2012 on arrival. The discounted rate for registration and banquet applies, if the participant residing overseas finishes the on-line registration by the due date (31 Jan. 2012). Registration afterward would require them to pay the fees at regular (and higher) rate. All participants, irrespective of nationality, residing in Japan have to finish the payment by the due date to receive the discount in the payment.

‘‘‘ Accommodation@‘‘‘

Please refer this PDF file.

‘‘‘ Excursion Information@‘‘‘

Excursion A: Tour of rooftop vegetation of Urban buildings

Excursion B: Visit Kiryu flux tower site belongs to Kyouto University

More informatin about the Excursion.

‘‘‘ ISAM2012 Organizing Committee (OC)
Dr. Yoshinobu HARAZONO (International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA)iChair)
Professor Kazuhiko KOBAYASHI (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Professor Takashi MACHIMURA (Osaka University, Japan)
Professor Yoshiaki KITAYA (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)
Professor Hiroyuki YAMADA (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)
Professor Joon KIM (Seoul National University, Korea)
Professor Byong-Lyol LEE (Seoul National University, Korea)
Dr. Federica Rossi iVice-President of CAgM/WMO)
Dr. Robert StefanskiiChief of AgMet Program/WMOj

‘‘‘ ISAM2012 Executive board,
Professor Teruaki SHIMAZU (Gifu University, Japan)
Professor Toshio SHIBUYA (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)
Dr. Atsushi MARUYAMA (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan)
Professor Yukiya MINAMI (Ishikawa Prefectural University, Japan)
Dr. Takafumi MIYAMA (Kansai Research Center, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan)
Professor Masako DANNOURA (Kyoto University, Japan)
Dr. Keisuke ONO (National Institute For Agro-Environmental Sciences, Japan)
Professor Daisuke YASUTAKE (Kochi University, Japan)
Professor Yasuyuki AONO (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)
Professor Ryosuke ENDO (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)
Professor Masahito UEYAMA (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)
Professor Hyojung KWON (Seoul National University, Korea)
Professor Kwangsoo KIM (Seoul National University, Korea)

  (the Secretariat of ISAM2012)

    International Symposium on Agricultural Meteorology (ISAM2012) office
       Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences
       Osaka Prefecture University
       1-1 Gakuen-cho, Nakaku, Sakai, Osaka 599-8531, Japan
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